Company Culture

Optimization Mindset

Each team member is the master of their scope. They are the eyes, ears, and brains for everything they do. We rely on each team member to think critically about their work, isolate areas that could improve, build new workflows, and share with the team. We aim to never be stagnant. We are always searching for where to progress.


Transparency means honesty. This goes in both directions. Both our employees and clients are always welcome to ask and share. This allows us to build long-lasting relationships and trust.

Trust and communication

All of our goals and values are tied together through communication. We create a safe space where each person has a voice and the room to share. We constantly work to improve our forms of communication and create a two-way street for positive feedback and suggestions.

Team Attitude

We build our team on trust in each other. Each individual is committed to our mission. We strive to grow together as a unit, to propel each other forward, and to achieve our best. For ourselves, the team, and the client.

Personal Growth & Empowerment

We believe that everyone has a voice that matters and the right to seek growth. We provide team members with unlimited access to education, mentors, open communication, and the time needed to improve. We hold the value that in every encounter, there is an opportunity to learn and grow.

Career Mobility

Seeking out new challenges is part of the human condition. We encourage a curious mindset, the desire to learn, and provide opportunity to do so. We support those who want to try something new, step up and take their career in a new direction, and those who want to teach others.

Healthy Work Environment

From physical space to mindset, we create a healthy workplace. We believe that it should feel good to come to work. Each team member should work within the limits of their body, mind, and family. We support and resect a healthy work-life balance.