Pinoy is slang for Filipino, and today we’re sharing the magnitude of importance that the Pinoy Christmas hold for all families here.

Aside from celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, Filipinos have a lot more to celebrate during the yuletide season. ‘Tis the season not only to be jolly but to celebrate all the blessings that the whole family received for the whole year.

It’s a “family” season! A time to consolidate the whole clan.

It’s when Filipinos hold their family reunions, which is usually a separate occasion from the family christmas party.

Children are always taken out to buy their new favorite outfit, which is to be worn for “Misa De Gallo,” or Midnight Mass. It’s a time of much pleasure for families, where savings are finally spent on beautiful clothing for this most significant mass of the entire year.

The whole clan attends Misa De Gallo together. And immediately after, on midnight of the 24th of December, Filipino families feast on their noche buena or “Christmas dinner.” It’s not noche buena if it’s not with family, and not a feast worthy amount of food.

On Christmas day, people travel to visit their closest relatives to celebrate with them on this special day. Giving of gifts and presents are a common sight together with the most genuine smiles on the faces of the children.

Christmas celebration in the Philippines has evolved into one of the many good cultural traditions of Filipinos. This tradition even extends outside of the family and friends circle which can be observed in almost all institutions, public or private. Almost all companies, government and non-government organizations hold their respective christmas parties as a form of thanking all of the people or employees for their contribution and in the process, consolidating the organizational structure.

Pinoy Christmas is a celebration of family and a thanksgiving for all blessings received. And OpsTales is grateful for having such a fruitful year and celebrates for receiving perhaps one of the best blessings ever…a Filipino family!

Opstales Family Out of town Christmas Party