We offer flexible pricing plans that work best for your organization.


Every company and project is different. We understand and honor that. Our goal is to offer pricing and payment strategies that work for you and your business.
Our pricing breaks out into two categories: a one-time initiation fee and the recurring costs for your team. During our consultation phase, we work with you to define both.


The initiation fee covers the time we put creating new workflows and building out your new team. We calculate this fee, taking into account the total time we spend on getting your team set up and the estimated yearly savings. It’s a flat one-time fee that we can breakout into a payment plan that works for you.

Recurring costs

The model we define to calculate ongoing costs can be based on various metrics. The model we create depends on the type of work you need. This could be as simple as hourly labor costs for your agents. To give you an idea, we charge an average of $10.50 per hour, per agent. This includes taxes, office space, management, training, health-care and more.
In other cases we can charge you related to processed items like emails answered. This allows you to grow your business at a known price. As you scale we grow with you and ensure that your work gets done.


There are no hidden fees and we provide you with all the information and metrics you need to understand your costs upfront. This allows you to grow with confidence and us to constantly optimize your workflows and adopt to changed requirements.