OpsTales’ Article Series

Where we teach you everything we know about building business operations teams

Chargeback & Fraud Prevention

A strong Risk Management process can run defense to thousands of merchants and isolate fraud across millions of users. E-commerce payment fraud alone lost merchants billions of dollars last year. This series walks through the key steps in building out a payment fraud prevention process and fighting chargebacks. If you’re new to fraud prevention, this is the series for you.

Optimize Your Organization

Is your team spending their time where it matters? This series walks through optimization as a core principle, diving into team performance and time management. We will challenge you to think critically about how your team spends the week, then coach you on how to create an optimization mindset within your organization.

Customer Support

Interactions with your customers can be one of the most impactful ways to drive your business in the right direction. This series covers the basics on how to approach building a brand new customer support team. It focuses on the operations side to give you an idea on what needs to be built with some tips on how. We talk about getting to know your customers, what tech services are best to use, and how to build a strong process that sets you up to scale.